The Earth quaked and the last sin of man was then swallowed. The ocean's waves devoured the rest of the fallen metropolis while the Allfaders three children appeared in the glaze of the burning sky.

The Starchild appeared in his full quantum astral splendor. He distorted space and time and crossed the seven universes to partake in the ultimate nullification. The code of all codes, the secrets of secrets, the tale of creation was then revealed and the cosmic impact on fragile minds pounded disintegrating, while the ultimate truth was revealed. 

The divine cosmic matrix, forging heaven and hells and fuelling the energy of the arcane multiversum called for another circle complete in the Alfa and Omega. Once shining as a new forged star in the celestial firmament and a burning star of wild pureness and crystalline truth, now imploded into nothingness and silence... 

The Circle was complete.  

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