Inbetween the nothingness of the Alfa and Omega, the forgotten legends speak of the appearance of a holy inner revelation formed as a tiny fragment of cosmic light. Within that stellar fire, that fragment of eternity, energy of supernovas expanded as ancient powers imploded to the source. The embryo of a newborn Starchild was formed, destined to design organic symmetry and carry the weight of the atlas woe. This Starchild is by the forgotten legend known as the Allfader - a cosmic sparkle in the Alfa and Omega. He grew and spread, and all around primal energies formed to fill the eternal emptiness. The Bringer of Celestial Balance then planted three cosmic seeds to trancend his cosmic wisdom. These seeds were his children, and his children was the quantum balance of the multiverses. They were Solinari; god of good, Lunitari; god of neutrality, and Nuitari; god of evil. The children grew in cosmic power as well, and they started creating their own genesis of titans.

With that, the Awakening transpired to give birth to another Circle.

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