An unknown time ago, there was a war in the Heavens. Cicatrix was the god of corruption and descendant of the ultmate god of evil Nuitari. He wanted to ascend to infinity by slaying the other gods, and turned many angels into devils and demons as the battle of the heavens rumbled. He ultimately lost the war, so the gods punished him by banishing him to the surface of Earth for all eternity. But in the meteorlike fall to the ground, Cicatrix created the Veil, a barrier that prevented the other gods from influencing the land. No prayers would be heard in the Age of Shadow. 

When Cicatrix fell to Earth, his first thought was of reaching godhood again, and his ultimate plan was to consume all the magic given by the gods. Cicatrix materialized in the north where he descended from the sky, and unveiled himself to mankind as the God King. In the north he forged a Horde of Darkness that would sweep across the lands and devour all living things. Those who fell to the Shadow, would only be raised again as revenants, as their cursed souls had no heaven to ascend upon due to the Veil. Those who chose life instead of brutal death and willingly served the God King, was slowly corrupted to mindless fulfill his evil scheme. 

On Earth there were no divine magic left but to those who serve the Shadow, as the Veil prevented the gods from responding to prayers. Also the Horde of the Shadow was constantly looking for any arcane magic and spellcasters, as the God King needed every fragment of magic of the mortal plane to regain his full composure. 

The World was a dark place, and no living creature were safe as the God King ruled.

This is was the Age of Shadows.

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